• Do you know what is a tungsten steel rail material?

    1. Introduction to Tungsten Steel Rail Material Tungsten steel guide rail materials are often used to make linear sliding guides and round rod sliding guides. It is a round or rectangular cemented carbide (commonly known as tungsten steel) material made of WC tungsten carbide and Co alloy raw mat...
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  • Types and uses of tungsten steel punches

    Types and uses of tungsten steel punches

    Tungsten steel punch punch punching. Stamping die. Forming die. Capable punching machine. Die forging die. Mining tools. Punching [impact] drill bit. Cold forming. Back pressure punching machine. Stretching die. The stainless 305 piercing punch is used in viscous steel with good results. T...
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  • Factors to be considered when choosing cemented carbide drill bits

    When choosing cemented carbide drills, the dimensional accuracy requirements of drilling must be considered first. Generally speaking, the smaller the aperture to be processed, the smaller the tolerance. Therefore, drill manufacturers usually classify drills according to the nominal diameter of t...
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  • Analysis on the status quo and development of metal cutting tools

    Cutting tools are tools used for cutting in machine manufacturing. The vast majority of knives are machine-used, but there are also hand-used ones. Since the tools used in mechanical manufacturing are basically used to cut metal materials, the term “tool” is generally understood as a ...
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  • Top Metal Magazine “Acta Materialia”: Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of Shape Memory Alloys

    Shape memory alloys (SMAs) have a characteristic deformation response to thermomechanical stimuli. Thermomechanical stimuli originate from high temperature, displacement, solid-to-solid transformation, etc. (high-temperature high-order phase is called austenite, and low-temperature low-order phas...
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