Do you know what is a tungsten steel rail material?

1. Introduction to Tungsten Steel Rail Material

Tungsten steel guide rail materials are often used to make linear sliding guides and round rod sliding guides. It is a round or rectangular cemented carbide (commonly known as tungsten steel) material made of WC tungsten carbide and Co alloy raw materials by powder metallurgy by pressing and sintering. It is widely used because of its good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Used in the production of high-end industrial guide rails for linear reciprocating motion applications. Such as: linear guide rails on machine tools and guide rails on electro-pneumatic components.

Second, the blank production process

Pulverizing → formula according to application requirements → wet grinding → mixing → pulverizing → drying → sieving → adding forming agent → re-drying → sieving to obtain a mixture → granulating → cold isostatic pressing → forming → low pressure sintering →Forming (blank)→Packing→Warehousing.

Three, finely ground tungsten steel guide rail

Cut the rough tungsten steel guide rail with a wire cutting machine to shape → finely grind the plane → check the dimensional accuracy → fine products. Tungsten steel guide rail materials have five precisions for customers to choose: ordinary grade/advanced/precision grade/ultra-precision grade/top level. The precision ground tungsten steel guide rail material is processed by an advanced precision CNC grinder, with a mirror finish, high precision, and precise shape and position tolerances.

Post time: Nov-30-2021